Manager Crew Training Norwegian Air Ambulance

The medical crew member with the vr goggles will give us the upportunity introdusert the medical crew members to simulator Training.
Geschrieben von Erlend Segtnan am 04 Juli 2019

Chief of Flight Operations Norwegian Air Ambulance

This is a new and important Training environment to increase the level of Safety in our operations.
Geschrieben von Lars Erik Bragstad am 04 Juli 2019


Our training has to adjust to the constantly changing demands of new, smart technology, without losing sight of the fact that aviators still need traditional aeronautical knowledge and skills. The new H145 FFS allows the instructor to create more complex compound malfunction scenarios that more closely mirror the progression of real-world emergencies.
Geschrieben von Thomas Hütsch am 27 Februar 2019

ground crew chief instructor /French Army and Navy Joint Training Center (CFIA) NH90

The roll-out of the NH90 helicopter considerably impacted the military aeronautical family’s attitude. So the training, as well, has changed thanks to this new helicopter generation. The adaptation of modern technologies and new maintenance concepts has been an essential step for our trainers who successfully performed it with a determined spirit and happiness. Means of training have to follow this technology and an idea of building a mock-up of the NH90 was born. In fact, this one will permit to train practical courses without causing stress for personnel and for productionaircraft. These repetitive tasks will be less damaging on the MTR and result in availability of productionaircraft for different trainings. After extensive briefing and orientation, the designers of this project have drawn a complete mock-up for technical training. Finally, the MTR will deliver more than 60 per cent of practical tasks assigned before to the productionaircraft. Relationship betwee...
Geschrieben von Adjudant-chef CAVAGNAL am 01 Oktober 2013

Technical School of the German Airforce 3 in Faßberg, Germany

Regarding modern aircraft, industry is more involved in maintenance than they used to be. This is why technical training for recent aircraft goes less into depth than that of proven weapon systems. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of modern aircraft, the demands on training and trainees are extraordinarily high. Furthermore, the materials used in these aircraft are optimized for efficient and effective operative use, but not designed for the repeated stresses caused by training. The NH90 MTR will be used primarily for training regarding mechanical components. For the defined procedures, they are a fully adequate replacement for a much more expensive mission-capable aircraft. Acceptance of the MTR by trainers and trainees will depend upon the first experiences gained with the rigs in real training situations. However, success is to be expected because of the high degree of resemblance between MTR and HC and because of the impressions already gained in cooperation during production. ...
Geschrieben von Lieutenant Colonel Volker Benz am 01 Oktober 2013
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