Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH to Expand Helicopter Full-Flight Simulator Portfolio

Berg, Germany, September 16, 2021

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) expands its portfolio of innovative flight training solutions. The German simulator manufacturer is proud of having welcomed Swiss Air-Rescue (Rega) and Leonardo Helicopters to its headquarters for the signing of their latest contract.

RST has been awarded a contract from Rega for the provision of a multi-platform Level D helicopter full-flight simulator (FFS), to include a genuine AW 169-FIPS fully customized to Rega requirements.

The project marks the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between RST as simulator manufacturer and Leonardo Helicopters and will enable Rega to have a flexible and multiplatform training solution.

„Innovation is key,“ states Dr. Roman Sperl, RST CEO. „We not only enhance the safety of rescue crews through innovative ideas, but we also implement them quickly and effectively. By adding the Leonardo Helicopters AW169 to the full-flight simulator product range, RST expands its portfolio even further,“ he adds.

„We’re excited to contribute also to the development and provision of the training capabilities that Rega needs to maximize the performance and safety benefits introducing the AW169-FIPS in their fleet to serve their community with advanced, all-weather rescue capabilities. We look forward to starting working at this major project with Rega and RST, “ states Paolo Petrosso, Leonardo VP Simulation & Training Services.

Through RST’s unique roll-on/roll-off capabilities of the FFS, the training device may adapt to the fleet composition of Rega by exchanging the functional cockpit. The outstanding feature secures Rega’s investment for many years to come. Focusing on future needs is of the utmost importance to Rega, particularly regarding the proposed expansion of its helicopter fleet. The demand exists: Rega helicopters flew more than 13,000 rescue missions in 2020 – more than ever before.


(f.l.t.r.): Dr. Roman Sperl, CEO Reiser / Ernst Kohler, CEO Rega /
Paolo Petrosso, VP Simulation & Training Services Leonardo

Photos: ©RST GmbH

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