Reiser Simulation and Training teams up with RS Flight Systems to provide new product line on FNPTs and FTDs to the helicpoter training market

Berg, Germany, 30.09.2021

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) has teamed up with RS Flight Systems GmbH (RSFS) to provide innovative and cost-effective FNPT and FTD products to the market.

The new product line called “F-light line” for “Flightsimulator light” will feature the well-proven Level D capable flight model together with the Helionix® avionics replica, supplied by RST.
Together with the targeted-fidelity hardware provided by RSFS, the products will aim at the market of flight schools and operators of smaller fleets of helicopters.

Following the increasing request from flight schools for RST training equipment, the company has committed to enter this market with their approved FFS simulation software. But innovative flight schools and other Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) call for more cost-efficient training devices in addition to the existing FFSs in the market. For that reason, RST has been looking for a suitable partner capable of offering high-quality flight training hardware at more competitive prices.

“Constantly focusing on our customers’ needs and looking beyond the envisaged scope of our company, we selected RSFS for the distribution and service support of our fully approved helicopter simulation software”, states Dr. Roman Sperl, RST CEO. Merging RSFS’ cost-effective hardware solutions with our high-fidelity full-flight simulator software will continue expanding our innovation leadership by fully embracing the current trends. This will close the gap of affordable flight training devices for flight schools and ATOs”, he adds.

RSFS has been a reliable partner for many years performing all the data gathering campaigns and in-flight data campaigns being a cornerstone of the RST flight models and qualification test procedures. RSFS also is known for their aviation products like Engine Management Units and their engineering capabilities for Fly by wire control sticks, ACDC generator controllers, Primary Flight Displays, propeller synchrophaser systems or modular flight test instrumentation devices. The first Airbus Helicopters FNPT II MCC and FTD2 product emerging from this collaboration will be qualified according to EASA regulatory framework at RSFS’ launching customer this autumn. The complete range of flight training devices RSFS offers will be available with latest Helionix® Step 3 avionic suite.

Maximilian Rommel, CEO RS Flight Systems / Florian Reiser, Managing Director Reiser Simulation and Training

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