Reiser’s H145 Full-Flight Simulator @Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH – Qualified to EASA Level D by German Federal Aviation Office

Berg/Frankfurt, Germany, 27 August 2020

Lufthansa Aviation Training’s first own helicopter full-flight simulator, designed and manufactured by Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST), has received EASA Level D qualification by the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt / LBA) on 27 August 2020.

The helicopter full-flight simulator (FFS) manufactured by RST is equipped with an interchangeable H135/H145 cockpit (H135 to follow in early 2021). In addition, the FFS features a Third Crew Member Station, utilizing virtual reality technology to train crew coordination during the abseiling from a helicopter. Pilots can bring their own night vision goggles and thus enhance the realism of the mission. The helicopter simulator designed by RST sets new training standards featuring a 240 x 80 degree out-of-the-window view direct projection via high-resolution LED video projectors and an intuitive Instructor Operating Station (IOS).

Launching its first H145 helicopter FFS, Lufthansa Aviation Training expands its training portfolio in this segment, satisfying the high demand for training opportunities of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) crews.

“Pilot training is of utmost importance for flight safety. The company focuses on solutions tackling the challenges of training highly-specialised crews of rescue helicopters who need to be prepared for anything, anytime. We are honoured to be part of the team with Lufthansa Aviation Training and the DRF and are extremely happy that we were able to bring this product to its successful qualification without any delay caused by the pandemic”, explains Dr. Roman Sperl, CEO at Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH.

About Reiser Simulation and Training

Reiser Simulation and Training (RST) is a leading provider of high-performance flight simulators and maintenance trainers. The company has been serving military and civil customers around the globe for more than three decades. The products and services range from desktop training solutions to full-flight simulators certified to EASA level D. RST also provides a wide range of maintenance and handling trainers for several military and civil aircraft platforms as well as associated training services and flight test equipment. For more information, see, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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