Flight Training Devices (FTD)

The Reiser FTD features helicopter type specific simulation models, which bring the capability to perform type rating training. This type of FSTD does neither include a motion nor a vibration system and due to this has limited checking/testing capability. The visual system requires a field of view of up to 150ox60o. The FTD’s main training capabilities are the following:

    • EAb-Initio Training
    • EType Rating Training
    • ERecurrent Training
    • EProcedures Training
    • ESafety Exercises
    • EMulti-Crew Cooperation

    There are three levels of FTD qualification (1, 2, and 3); however, there are limited training credits available for level 1 FTDs. The main application of the FTD (level 2 and 3) is type rating training. An FTD 2/3 can also be used for Instrument Rating (IR) revalidation (Part FCL.625 H IR).

    Although FTD 3 features higher quality flight model fidelity, it does not bring any additional training credits as compared with FTD 2.