Typhoon Cockpit Top View

Eurofighter Typhoon HOTAS

Part Task Trainer Hardware

We have designed and manufactured all cockpit hardware for the Eurofighter/Typhoon platform. The Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) units are an example for our Eurofighter product line. Our Typhoon HOTAS units are used in basic simulators to achieve a good level of training without a complex simulation system. The replicated parts are functionally identical to the original aircraft units. Furthermore, the units can be combined with the original Stick and Throttle-Tops to maximize the level of fidelity. For complex simulation systems we offer a replicated auto-throttle unit to simulate the behaviour of the auto-throttle function of the aircraft. The forces and ways of travel of our Stick Sensor and Interface Control Assembly (SSICA) for the Stick-Unit are identical with those of the OEM. Our HOTAS units can be designed for any kind of jet platform you may request. Just get in touch!
Sim Comp Hotas Sticktop
Sim Comp Hotas Throttle
Closeup HOTAS