G Cueing System

G-Cueing Systems

Simulated Anti-G System (SAGS)

G Cueing System front
G Cueing System Top View

Technical Features

  • EPhysiological cues for awesome training benefit
  • ECompatible with original pilot equipment (full-coverage anti-G trousers)
  • EMaximum performance regarding pressure, inflation and deflation times
  • ESeamless integration into Reiser simulators
  • EFull dynamic control of pressures
  • EOil-free low noise level compressor platform
  • EModular design for simplified maintenance
  • ECANaerospace or OPC UA interface
  • ECertified breathing air quality (ISO 12021)
  • ECertified redundant safety functions (ISO 13849-1)

Realistic Simulated G-Force Seats

G Cueing Seats

Technical Features

  • ERealistic G-force simulation and vibration with positive and negative accelerations on pilot’s body induced by aircraft’s 6 DOF movement translated to a cueing system.
  • ECompact design enables seamless integration into aircraft replica seat for any platform.
  • EIndependent control system that responds to real-time software via Ethernet.
  • EG-Suit pressure control systems enhance realism of training experience.
  • EActuation can be extended to a 9 channel system for individual drive of harness and leg straps.
  • ESimulation of both positive and negative acceleration on pilot body (surge, sway and roll).
  • EShoulder harness tension adjustment.
  • EActive actuator components and control technology are supplied by Moog B.V. Netherlands, our strategic partner for the development and manufacturing of seats.”
  • EEthernet UDP and TCP/IP Host Interface
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