Weapon Loading Trainer

Eurofighter Weapon Loading Trainer

In cooperation with EADS and Eurofighter-maintenance teams of the German Air Force, Reiser Simulation and Training has developed a Weapon Loading Training (WLT) device. This unique cooperation between the government and the private Industry turned out to be a success story.

High Durability for Literally Unlimited Training Cycles

The WLT comprises a full scale mock-up of the Eurofighter (length 16 m, wingspan 11 m) together with an external cockpit incorporating replicas of all elements required to control the weapon system. The status of the weapon loading is being sensed on the WLT and displayed in the external cockpit. Many years of in service at the Air Force Maintenance School Kaufbeuren prove its training value and reliability.

WLT Upgrade MEL

Missile Ejection Launcher designed and manufactured for the Eurofighter Weapon Loading Trainer (WLT).

They enable all functionalities for realistic practical training on loading and unloading guided missiles.

It is the next advancement of decoupling the WLT from original aircraft parts.