Eurofighter Typhoon HOTAS

Part Task Trainer Hardware

We have designed and manufactured all cockpit hardware for the Eurofighter/Typhoon platform. The Hands-on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) units are an example of our Eurofighter product line.

Our Typhoon HOTAS units are used in basic simulators to achieve a remarkable level of training without a complex simulation system. The replicated parts are functionally identical to the original aircraft units. Furthermore, the units can be combined with the original Stick and Throttle-Tops to maximize the level of fidelity. For complex simulation systems we offer a replicated auto-throttle unit to simulate the behaviour of the auto-throttle function of the aircraft. The forces and ways of travel of our Stick Sensor and Interface Control Assembly (SSICA) for the Stick-Unit are identical with those of the OEM.

Our HOTAS units can be designed for any kind of jet platform you may request. Just get in touch!

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