Fostering a Safe and Sustainable Future

Photo: Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH 

Photo: Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH 

Berg, Germany, September 06, 2023 

Reiser Simulation and Training recently had the privilege of hosting a meeting with representatives from local, regional, and state governments. The event served as a platform to showcase our diverse portfolio of cutting-edge products and services in the field of training and simulation and engage in insightful discussions about our commitment to safety, sustainability, and environmental protection.

The enthusiasm shown for our range of products and services was truly inspiring. From advanced simulation solutions to innovative training technologies, our offerings contribute to personal safety, reduction of resources needed, and especially to reduced impact on the environment. Thus, a great alignment with regard to general topics that are relevant for all of us was obvious and confirmed.
Mainly, Reiser’s proactive approach to local sustainability and environmental responsibility, which contains elements like our commitment to local suppliers, supporting the regional economy as well as leveraging renewable energy was acknowledged. As a leading player in our region and industry, we must set an example and contribute positively to society.

We extend our gratitude to our guests for their time and interest in our endeavors, hoping that what we displayed and exchanged will continue resonating in them and contribute positively to future decisions. At Reiser, we will stay on our path to a sustainable future by leveraging innovation and especially all our employees‘ commitment and creative spirit.