Flight Training Device

In addition to the FNPT definition, this FSTD features helicopter type specific simulation models, which bring the capability to perform type rating training. This type of FSTD has a limited checking/testing capability due to the fact that it does not include a motion system or a vibration system. The main technical features and training capabilities are presented in Figure 2. There are three levels of FTD qualification (1, 2, and 3); however, there are limited training credits available for level 1 FTDs. The main application of the FTD (level 2 and 3) is type rating training. An FTD 2/3 can also be used for Instrument Rating (IR) revalidation (Part FCL.625 H IR). Note: Although FTD 3 features higher quality flight model fidelity, it does not bring any additional training credits as compared with FTD 2.