Sustainability as the basis
for a better tomorrow

In addition to increasing safety for the trainee, every time a simulator is used it also protects the environment. Since the commissioning of our first FFS in 2018, three more FFS with Level D qualification have been added. If we calculate the comparable CO2 emissions for real flight hours in terms of the simulated hours completed on these systems, we have avoided 25.605 tons of CO2 emissions to date. And that’s without considering the considerable number of other simulators we provide.

But that’s not all. We are always trying to improve when it comes to sustainability. In recent years, we have continuously reduced our ecological footprint through the following measures:

More information will follow soon.

Our simulators not only ensure safe training but also sustainably protect the environment

Ever since their commissioning, the use of the REISER Full-Flight Simulators has allowed for the prevention of a huge amount of CO2 emissions by avoiding real flight hours:

25.605,00 t*

of CO2 saved.

A considerable amount of CO2 emissions has been prevented through the use our full flight simulators, even in the time since you accessed this website!

00,00 kg*

of CO2 saved.

* The figures shown are approximations and are based on average values over the course of the entire operation.