Type-specific training devices at different levels

Particularly in the field of helicopter flying, simulators play a key role in preparing pilots for their missions in the best possible way due to the very wide and complex range of operations (e.g. external load transport, search and rescue, winch rescue). Helicopter simulators have to be able to cover an exceptionally wide-ranging training field to meet the needs of the market.

Flight Training Devices (FTD) are considered the “middle class” in the field of simulator types, and are type-specific. They are equipped with a simple visual system and have a generic cockpit, a generic flight, sound and power model as well as system behavior. This enables training in both standard and safety procedures, as well as emergency procedures and instrument flight.

Furthermore, the FTD requires a complete and true-to-scale replica of the cockpit, instruments and equipment of the specific helicopter type. In addition to the capabilities of an FNPT, an FTD offers training in type-specific procedures and is used, among others, to prepare pilots for new helicopter types, but also for type ratings.


Flight Training Devices for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft

  • FTD 2 or 3 High fidelity cockpit components: avionics, controls, control loading system (CLS)

  • Full night vision capability

  • IOS – Instructor Operator Station as part of the family concept

  • Part of the RoRo-Family System with FTD-Docking-Station

REISER’s high fidelity derivates – Avionic Desktop Trainer (ADT)

Reiser’s Avionic Desktop Trainer, a full derivative of the Full-Flight Simulator, has been designed to prepare pilots and flight personnel for simulator sessions at the premier stage of training. The ADT is a Classroom Solution for realistic and cost-efficient procedure-training and familiarization, with high fidelity flight dynamics, engine and AFCS models for all normal and emergency procedures, and the provision of instrument procedures in both manual and AFCS modes, including VOR, NDB, ILS, RNAV and GPS. We provide FMS “Lite”, with virtual panels, adjustable frequencies, and loadable flight approaches with the option of the hardware version of an original Garmin GTN 750. Sound models including warning and caution tones, an Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) and an Instructor Operation Station (IOS), a 100% derivative of the FFS IOS, with mission planning, re-positioning, fuel management, wind/weather simulation and malfunction capabilities are integrated.

Also available is a visualization of aircraft systems with animated schematics, showing hydraulic-/electric-/fuel-systems states and One Push Operations for ADT (hover, target altitude, speed and more.).

Avionic desktop Trainer

Avionic Cloud Trainer

Train whenever and wherever you want.

The ACT is integrated into the simplAIR®  software and offers you a large number of advantages for your personal training.

  • Training regardless of place and time
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Traceable training progress
  • No hardware investment

Thanks to the ACT it is possible to plan sessions in advance and get started right away, or to take part in a classroom session in which the contents are imparted to you. It is also possible for an instructor to assess your performance from afar at any time, and thanks to the support by means of AI, you can also receive qualified feedback on solo training sessions at any time.