Boosting your training performance

REISER is your competent partner for boosting your training performance. Whether it’s for pilots, operators, crew members or technical support staff, we provide holistic solutions for flight training, maintenance training and simulator components at the highest level: for an exceptionally realistic experience. We also rise to every challenge from other industrial areas, such as the SEA, LAND AND SPACE, with the same enthusiasm that we bring to all of our initiatives. Enhancing safety and minimizing the ecological footprint through innovation and the best simulation technology is our duty. We are dedicated to highest quality simulation and training.  See for yourself

Boosting your training performance

REISER is your competent partner for boosting your training performance. No matter if pilot, crew member or technical support stuff, we provide simulators and solutions for Flight Training, Maintenance Training and Simulator components at the highest level for a most realistic experience.

Enhancing safety through innovation and best simulation technology is our duty and our hearts are beating forms simulation and training.  But see for yourself.

Flight Simulation + Training Devices

Our goal is to provide the highest level of realistic flight experiences in our simulators, where we can put flight crews into perilous situations that could never be attempted in actual aircraft. The value of such ultra-realistic flight training for pilots cannot be overestimated. Operators from various mission profiles, such as HEMS, law enforcement, VIP services and offshore operators benefit from this innovative system.

Our range of FSTDs encompasses Full-Flight Simulators, Flight Training Devices, Flight Navigational and Procedure Trainers as well as a wide range of Augmented Reality Solutions to improve your training experiences.

Turnkey solutions

Regardless of whether you want to run a full-flight simulator or a whole series of simulators from our company: We support you with tailor-made solutions according to your requirements. We supervise your project from the initial planning, through to the concept, the turnkey construction and its infrastructure. Our range of services is always tailored to your needs and requirements.


Training made simplAIR® - more than a motto, this claim stands for our comprehensive training management system with groundbreaking in-depth solutions. For the first time ever, it is now possible to map a type rating as an interactive training course with distance learning. As an operator, you have full transparency regarding all learning progress and can train your own team or your customers’ staff more efficiently than ever before. However, this is just one of the many services offered by simplAIR®.

Functional cockpits

When providing training for highly complex systems, teaching in a realistic environment is a must from the outset. As basic and refresher training for procedures not only tie up aircraft capacities but also accelerate the wear of the affected components, we develop and manufacture functional cockpits which are detailed replicas of the originals that can be used for training for almost every procedure with true-to-life accuracy right down to the smallest detail.

Handling trainer

Especially in the case of processes that can’t be managed by one person alone, training in the corresponding course of action is indispensable. Our Handling Trainers are specially developed according to the requirements of the individual training task, and permit individual or team-based training for complex scenarios. With this approach, we can increase the availability of the necessary equipment for everyday use and avoid using expensive equipment.

Accuracy and reliability for continuous training

Today advanced systems keep an eye on the aircraft, warning the pilots only when certain thresholds are surpassed. The training of the ground personnel is often hampered by this complexity. Usually, fleets take part in ground crew training, which prevents one or more aircraft from being flown. The need for maintenance and spare parts has grown as a result of lightweight construction and short flight hours.