Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT)

F-LIGHT LINE – The Future of Helionix® Flight Training Devices

Helicopter Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT) II MCC and Flight Training Devices (FTD) powered by the approved REISER SIMULATION AND TRAINING Level D Full Flight Simulation Software. Reiser’s proven expertise flows into the rapidly growing FNPT / FTD market with a new modular, upgradeable product line. The high-fidelity F-LIGHT LINE trainers are a collaborative project between Reiser Simulation and Training and RS Flight Systems GmbH (RSFS).

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Targeted Fidelity is Key

The F-light Line solution offers multiple benefits: Flight schools and helicopter operators can start with an FNPT II, which is primarily used for ab initio and refresher training, including basic and safety procedures, emergencies, navigation procedures, instrument rating and multi-crew cooperation (MCC). Should your demand expand to higher training levels, you can easily upgrade your FNPT to an FTD – a fixed-base system designed for type-rating and limited checking / testing procedures. The tried-and-tested full flight simulation software has been adapted to the nature of a fixed base simulator and can easily be upgraded to the next qualification level. It is also feasible to use a single device as a reconfigurable FTD and FNPT (alternating weeks, for example, depending on the curriculum). Even conversion kits between H135 and H145 are available. It goes without saying that this novel approach secures your investment for years to come.

No need to say that the novel approach secures your investment for years to come.

Animation Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT)

Technical Features

The complete range of our flight training devices is driven by the approved Reiser Simulation and Training full flight simulator software: aerodynamic and engine models, visual and aural cues, etc. Likewise, the FFS software runs on any of our Instructor Operator Stations (IOS), whether you train on an FNPT, an FTD or on a Reiser Simulation and Training FFS. The avionics panel in the trainer is a graphic display, and is thus capable of representing either a glass cockpit or analog instruments.

  • Full-scale replica of the helicopter cockpit

  • Visual displays: Up to 200° horizontal x 70° vertical field of view

  • Fully functional graphic displays

  • Flight controls (actual grips)

  • Mechanically linked controls and strong actuators

  • High-fidelity flight control panels

  • NVG stimulation

  • Intuitive IOS

  • Reiser Simulation and Training Level D full flight simulation software: Flight Model, AFCS, environmental scenario, computer generated airborne, ground, naval and human entities, communication, navigation and mission equipment simulation

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