Panels + Part Task Trainer

Designed to serve an authentic simulation experience

100% realistic training – true to
the smallest detail

  • Off-the-shelf panels, cockpit equipment, display units or controls available

  • Design and production on customer request: full data gathering, design, production and support
  • Fulfill the highest certification standards and NVG requirements

  • Can be integrated in all FAA/ EASA simulation cockpit certification levels
  • Design and production by Reiser

Eurofighter Typhoon HOTAS

Part Task Trainer Hardware

We have designed and manufactured cockpit hardware for the Eurofighter/Typhoon platform, including Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) units. These units are used in basic simulators for training without complex simulation systems. They can be combined with original Stick and Throttle-Tops for maximum fidelity. For complex simulation systems, a replicated auto-throttle unit is available. The Stick Sensor and Interface Control Assembly (SSICA) for the Stick-Unit is identical to the OEM. HOTAS units can be designed for any jet platform.