Our Components

REISER has a wide range of simulator components and systems. Just scroll down to get a first glimpse.

Simulator Cockpits

Whether original parts or replicas – all cockpit panels, instruments and control levers are adapted to interface the CAN bus architecture with the well-known Reiser CANaerospace protocol for high reliability and to the benefit of the Air Forces around the world.

Simulated Anti-G System (SAGS)

Physiological cues for excellent training benefit realistic G-force simulation and vibration with the positive and negative accelerations on the pilot’s body induced by the aircraft’s 6 DOF movement translated to a cueing system.

100% Replica Panels

The Reiser approach of only using replicated panels, instruments and levers is unique in this class of simulators for military fighter aircraft. This approach means that our cockpits can be kept in line with the changing aircraft configurations – and even stay one step ahead of them.

Train Control Consoles

Control Consoles for Efficient Simulator Training: train drivers need regular practice in a simulator to show that they can drive their trains on a safe and energy-saving basis. These training sessions are supervised by a teacher who is located in a control room adjacent to the simulator.