Empowering Maintenance

A Level of Realism – Designed for Your Needs

Precision and Durability for Uninterrupted Training

Operating fleets often struggle with competition between their training and operational spare parts requirements. Access to 24/7 practical training is provided using duplicate components, reducing reliance on real helicopters. The MTR design doesn’t always require OEM data; instead, it relies on internal data collection, including 3D scanning and manual data gathering. This innovative approach can be applied to various platforms, including new airliners and military transport aircraft such as the A400M.

Modern and sophisticated:

NATO NH90 Helicopter Maintenance Training Rig

Cutting-edge helicopters such as the NATO NH90 use advanced technologies to ease pilot workloads. A flight control computer interprets pilot commands, ensuring recommended maneuvers are executed. Complex systems monitor the aircraft, alerting crew only when threshold parameters are exceeded. This complexity poses challenges for the training of ground personnel. Traditionally, fleets undergo ground crew training, leaving one or more aircraft unavailable for operation. Lightweight design and limited flight hours contribute to increased demand for spare parts and maintenance.

Skills can be trained on an exemplary basis:
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance instructions usage

  • Mechanical system familiarization and handling

  • Electrical system familiarization and handling

  • Avionic system familiarization and handling

  • Weapon and safety system familiarization and handling

  • Verification of proper aircraft system function with control tests and built-in tests, for example
  • Training in fault isolation and correction