Reiser to boost Rega’s Full-Flight Simulator with high-fidelity H145 and H125 cockpits

Photo: Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH 

Berg, Germany, April 03, 2023 

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST), Swiss Air-Rescue Rega and Swiss Helicopter AG have signed a contract to expand Rega’s modular helicopter simulator from RST with a fully replicated Airbus Helicopters H125 Level D simulation cockpit. By acquiring an H125 simulator of the highest certification class, the two organisations are making a further contribution to promoting the next generation of helicopter pilots in Switzerland and ensuring that sufficient numbers of experienced pilots can still be recruited for the demanding work of commercial helicopter flying or air rescue in the future. 

Derived from the decision of Rega to renew its entire helicopter fleet with 21 Airbus H145 rescue helicopters by 2026, Rega and RST have also signed a contract for the procurement of an H145 cockpit for the modular roll-on/roll-off system. In it, Rega’s cockpit crews will in future be able to complete the necessary license renewal as well as perform training for standard situations and emergency procedures in their own simulator in Opfikon near Zurich, which is operated and marketed by Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT). The AW169 cockpit, which was also procured, will be put into operation on schedule and offered to third parties for training. 

RST’s high -fidelity flight model and true-to-life cockpit suite, incorporating original Garmin® flight management system, enable Multi-crew coordination training without compromises. 

„Some flight simulation providers in the market move their customers through mini-motions. We move our customers by excellence“, states Dr. Roman Sperl, RST CEO. „Pilots from all over the world value the uncompromised training on our simulators ranging from flight navigation procedure trainers and flight training devices to full-flight simulators,“ he adds. 

RST’s roll-on/roll-off system allows for the use of different helicopter type cockpits to be operated on the same mothership, making the simulators reconfigurable to match market needs and customer platforms. Several cockpit configurations can be used on one existing mothership, cutting travel cost and time.